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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Answers

How Can I Help You? Below are a few common questions we receive from our customers along with potential causes. The best way to fully diagnose your particular situation is to call and Kurt will be happy to meet , discuss and assist you with your well water problem.

  1. My pump seems to keep cycling over and over again, does not turn off.
    • This could be caused by either a hole in your drop pipe or a bad pump.
  1. My pump frequently turns on and off.
    • Possibly your pressure tank has gone bad.
  2. Sometimes my pump works and then it doesn’t work.
    • An electrical problem could be the cause.
  3. My water pressure is low.  (Which could be caused by a couple different things)
    • Your well pump is wearing out.
    • There is a possible blockage if you have an in-line filter installed or if you have a water softener, a line in your water softener system could have a blockage.
    • Your pressure tank is no longer working properly and should be replaced.
  4. I find when my sprinkler system is running and if someone is taking a shower my water flow goes practically down to nothing. How can I acquire a more constant pressure with my system?
    • By installing a “Constant Pressure System” in your current well if your current well is 4″ or greater drilled well.
    • This is ideal for farms with livestock or gardeners and for the rural residential homeowner with sprinkler systems installed.
    • With the constant pressure system the pressure or flow of water stays virtually the same.
    • Call for brochure and pricing.
  5. I have sand in my water and I currently use an in-line filter that requires changing filters. Is there a better filter system that does not require the purchase of new filters and is much easier to use and maintain?
    • Yes!!! We offer a new in-line filter system called Twist Clean.
    • No filters to buy!
    • Quick and easy to clean! Only takes a few seconds.
    • My customers love them!
    • Call for brochure and pricing.
  6. I recently had my water tested for bacteria and it came back unsafe. What do I need to do to remedy this?
    • You will need to have your well chlorinated. Download this PDF to read more about chlorinating.
  7. I have noticed my water has recently been showing a change in color, odor and other changes. What is causing these changes?
    • Depending upon what the symptoms are, here is helpful information from the WI DNR “Identifying your water symptoms.” Click here.
    • For more information on groundwater and your Well, click on the
      link to valuable resources by the WI DNR. https://dnr.wi.gov/topic/Wells/homeowners.html

For more information on groundwater and what you can do to protect your water Download this PDF to view the “Better Homes a Groundwater Homeowners Guide.”

For questions regarding water testing, please visit our Water, Well & Pump Services page.

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