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Flint and Walling

We feature the Flint and Walling product line of well pumps made in the USA.

The pumps we sell are stainless steel from top to bottom.

Pressure Tanks

We only choose and install quality pressure tanks brands. For more information on which specific brands we offer reach out to Kurt.

Submersible Pumps

We also provide other pumps should you, our customer request a certain brand of pump. We provide Goulds and Grundfos submersible pumps which are also quality pumps and we purchase those in all stainless steel.


We do offer warranties but it all depends upon the type of pump and tank you get. For more information about our warranties please call Kurt.

Pump Installation & Services

the products we offer

Our goal is to provide you with the best products out there. We install and use as many American Made (Made in the USA) products and parts as are available to us. Our part in helping to keep America working

Water Testing & Well Inspection Services

As of October 1, 2014 whenever a well inspection is requested for the sale of real estate, the WI DNR requires water testing to be completed as well.

The five most common water test requests are the following

Unfortunately, these tests are usually requested only when a property has been sold in a Real Estate Transfer. The usual tests are for bacteria/coliform/E Coli, nitrates and arsenic. Sometimes the nitrites are requested as well as the lead test. Lead tests are most common when a home is older than 1986. The bacteria and nitrates tests are done when a new well has been drilled required by the DNR.

Whenever a well has been entered or worked on by a licensed Well Driller or Well Pump Installer, bacteria/coliform/e-coli; nitrates and arsenic are required samples to be taken for testing and sent to a certified testing laboratory. For more information on these water tests and others go to WI DNR Resources tab with possible solutions. All information is compiled and supplied by the WI DNR or the EPA.

Bacteria/Coliform/E Coli

There are several reasons or causes your water could be contaminated with Coliform Bacteria or E Coli. It could be caused from not having what is called a Vermin Proof well cap on your well.

Previous years well caps used are called non-vermin proof, which would allow insects, vermin or if your casing does not extend above ground high enough that melting snow in the spring months or heavy rains allow water to pool around your well and if this water gets high enough, it can enter into the well through the top of the well. The new Vermin Well Caps seal tighter and sealed to help prevent insects etc to enter your well. Depending up the year your well was constructed the DNR has requirements for the heights of your well. We suggest as well as the DNR, have your water tested on an annual basis.


The maximum allowable level of nitrate-nitrogen in drinking water is 10 milligrams per liter or 10 parts per million (ppm).

Nitrates in drinking water can come from ammonium nitrate fertilizers, decaying plant debris, barnyard runoff, septic systems and other sources.

It will often show up in groundwater depending upon how much fertilizer is applied to crop fields.

Drinking water with high levels of nitrates and Nitrites (see Nitrites) should not be consumed by infants under 6 months of age or by pregnant women. If your home or business is situated around or near farming areas we would suggest you have your water tested on an annual basis.


Nitrites – caused by the same sources for Nitrates. The EPA has set a maximum level that the nitrites can fall under and that is 1 mg/L or 1 ppm MCLG and 1 mg/L or 1 ppm MCL. We would suggest you have your water tested for Nitrites on a annual basis especially if you have small children or are planning on having children.


Lead most likely can be found in homes built prior to 1986 which consisted of using lead pipes, lead solder and fixtures that contained lead. 

The maximum level of lead is 15 ug/L (micrograms per liter).

Around 1986 is when solder with lead and lead pipes were no longer to be used. If your home is older than 1986 we would recommend you have your water tested for levels of lead on an annual basis. 

To have your water tested annually is an inexpensive procedure that will ensure your home, farm or rural business water quality and safe drinking water. Whether you choose to take the sample yourself (be sure to follow the directions provided carefully) or have a professional licensed Well Pump Installer such as ourselves or licensed Well Driller take the sample or samples for you.

Well & Pressure System Inspection

We also provide a well and pressure system inspection. Generally we perform these inspections when a Real Estate property is being transferred to another person or persons.

These can also be done for you the homeowner to stay on top of your well’s performance. To make certain your well is working as efficiently and effectively as possible. As well as make certain your well is up to code. By doing an annual inspection of your well and pressure system, it may reduce costly repairs down the road. For example:

You notice your well keeps turning off and on more frequently than it did a few months ago.

It may be due to a hole in your drop pipe (the pipe in the well which the pump is connected to that brings water to your home). If this goes untreated, it could eventually wear out your pump and your pump stops working. Costing you not only replacement of the drop pipe, also the cost of a new well pump. 

The same can apply if your pressure tank has gone bad. If a bladder tank, the bladder could have a hole in it and your pump may cycle more frequently. By not replacing the pressure tank, the pump continues to run on and off frequently, which can lead to the pump wearing out. Once again, the result can be replacing both the pressure tank and the well pump.

If you are noticing changes in your well’s performance, feel free to call.
We are here to help with your Well and Pressure System needs.

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