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I am planning on landscaping around my well, what should I keep in mind?

Just like any appliance, at sometime your pump will require replacement or drop pipe replaced. When planning your landscape around your well, leave enough free area around your well for a licensed pump installer to back their service truck up to the well. The pump installer’s back bumper or tailgate will need to be nearly over the top of the well casing in order to pull the pump up and out. There are decorative rocks available that can be placed over the well to hide the well.

Another thing to keep in mind, is to plant low growing plants or ground cover in your garden around the well. The underside of the service truck may be over the top of some plants and try not to space the plants out to far away from the well, so the tires of the service truck won’t run over them. We would suggest no more than two feet out from the well casing.

If you plan on further expansion such as a detached garage or other outbuildings always keep in mind the location of your well and access to the well for future repair.